The Future Of Car Buying Is Here. And It's Right On Your Website.

WebBuy is the first, fully integrated, dealer-centric web application that sells YOUR INVENTORY from YOUR WEBSITE.

And better yet, it's fast and easy.

Customers Can Click To Buy, Anytime, Anywhere.

(It doesn't get much easier than that!)

Meet Your New Salesperson

With WebBuy's fully integrated car-buying app, customers can buy or lease a new or used vehicle from you - all online. They can choose their vehicle, get a trade-in offer, cash/finance/lease, add a co-buyer, choose rebates, and complete the deal.

Simplify Online Sales Into One Button

Our BuyNow button eliminates confusing navigation and quickly gets users one step closer to purchasing their next vehicle.

WebBuy meets customer demand for a simple, haggle-free, click-to-buy experience. Close deals, gain leads, and draw attention to your inventory every hour of every day.

We Highlight Your Inventory And Sell From Your Lot.
The National Apps Don't Do That.

WebBuy sells your vehicles from your dealership. We've assembled a team of national partners who are the best at their business. They work with this technology to drive sales at your business, from your inventory. They represent national banks, captive lenders and deliver NADA-verified trade-in offers.

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Your Customers Will Love These Features

They'll be happy with the WebBuy experience, and you'll be delighted at the increase in sales and leads that this dealer-centric app produces. Car buyers rave about all the things that they can do on WebBuy!

  • Buy online 24/7 with a superior mobile experience
  • Navigate their deal at their own pace
  • Get a real-time, instant trade-in offer
  • Easily add a wide variety of accessories to their vehicle
  • Choose cash, finance, or lease options
  • Real-time loan approvals from competing banks and captive lenders
  • Apply all applicable rebates and incentives
  • "Amazon-like" check-out

Complete the buying process ALL ONLINE, at their pace...then simply print paperwork and visit the dealership.

Straight From The Mouths Of Dealers

"We love WebBuy! It has produced leads and sales with our online customers 24/7/365 that the other various button apps couldn’t do!

It definitely is the new channel of business for our dealerships!"

Taylor Automotive Family

Founded, Funded, and Developed by Dealers

A select group of car-dealership owners founded WebBuy in 2014 to solve common problems plaguing the online car-buying process. The WebBuy team is made up of car sales experts, user-experience technicians, marketers, and application developers.

Many experts said the industry needed a "breakthrough change," one that would digitize the car-buying experience. They were right, so we built WebBuy.

Steve Zabawa | Co-Founder

  • 30 years experience in the retail auto industry
  • 24 years as dealer principal of Rimrock Auto Group
  • Co-founder of Dealerspan and Complete, automotive software companies

Tom Murray | Co-Founder and CEO

  • Past President/Chief Operating Officer of Resource Automotive (Aon/The Warranty Group)
  • Previous VP in National Auto Dealer Group
  • 16 years Executive Management in Retail Automotive Sector
  • 12 years Executive Management in Automotive Finance/Insurance/Financial Services sector

The Future of Car Buying is Here

In 2017, WebBuy was honored to grace F&I and Showroom's magazine cover highlighted their new dealer-centric application.

Most recently, AutoSuccess magazine's cover featured WebBuy as Taylor Automotive's successful digital retailing solution. Dealer Principal Stephen Taylor Jr. said, "The process gets the customer excited about actually purchasing the car... like EBAY or Amazon, 'Buy Now' means you buy it. It's ordered. Come pick up your car."

Launch your dealership into digital retailing success with WebBuy. It's what your customers are asking for.



WebBuy is available for a flat fee, dependent on the size of your dealership. Your customers pay no fees for using WebBuy to find their new vehicle. Call our sales staff at 406-313-6600 to learn more.


The typical WebBuy user is not satisfied coming into the dealership to conduct their transaction, but instead wants to search-customize-finance-buy their next vehicle all online.


For the first time, customers, dealers and lenders are connected on the same application with automated functionality. WebBuy has agreements with national banks and captive lenders that offer certified, competitive loan rates with the click of a button.


The simplified car-buying process from start to finish takes less than 30 minutes on average, compared to six hours in the dealership.


If you'd like to introduce WebBuy to boost sales and leads at your dealership, please contact our sales team at 406-313-6600, or

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